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Some facts about me.

Rolf Steinemann

Hobbys: Photo, Film, DJ, Sports-Club, Whit Sunday-Party, Traveling, Motorbike ;

Favorite Music: RUNRIG/ The Seekers / Eleanor McEvoy / Eva Cassidy / Big Country / The Beatles / Yothu Yindi / Midnight Oil / The Alarm / Flogging Molly / Mumford and Sons / Phudys /

°Turnverein Unterer Reiat


That´s where I live!

Here you´ll see my Birthplace from above ,before the outside Renovation, and aftherwards.

The whole Haus from behind and above. (1994)

Here from the other side, when you enter Opfertshofen, we´re the first House on the lefthand side.

Here I am with our little 4WD Tractor, getting some Firewood.

One of my biggest Hobbys is certainly also the Guitare, where I play my own created Melodys. I wish I had more time for that. (Hopefully nobody´s listening)

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